Gif Production Manchester Making gifs for social media brands

Producing high end imagery for brands is something that have done for a long time, offering product photography, food photography and Architecture photography. A newer service that we have been working on is becoming a leading producer of gifs in Manchester and around the UK.
What is a Gif? A gif is a type of file, other examples are .jpg .doc etc, a gif is fairly low quality file to reduce the file sizes because large files slow down the speeds of websites that use them. Best to use small file types for speed benefits. A gif is a short animation, not many frames are needed. This is usually in-between 4-20 frames for common gif animations.
Why use gifs? Gifs are well recognized by social media users, most commonly gifs are shared between social media users as a comical way to communicate. However businesses can commission professionals to create bespoke gifs which grab attention of those social media users, They can be published on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram amongst a few of the most popular platforms.