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Last week we completed two commercial photography shoots for our new client ‘HRS’, they make security systems for airports and for construction sites, building sites etc. They have software products and also a hand scanner, finger print scanner amongst another products to help security at sites where numerous staff are coming in and out of the sites.

I was asked to take studio photography images of there products for our first shoot, I took the staff to the photography studio that I use which is in a great area of Manchester. It is the center for most of Manchester’s creative community and is a great place to work from. There is only 3 products to shoot but HRS asked for several angles of each product, there was some challenging aspects to taking photographs of the hand scanner, the surface area where the hand is placed has a reflective surface which has a rainbow shine which at some angles is overwhelming. To solve this issue I used different lighting techniques and picked the best image to use. The final image was a combination of 3 photographs to make up one final image. It does require advanced post-production skills but this is something that we do on a daily basis as commercial photographers.

I hope you liked reading about our commercial photography work, please make requests if you want me to blog about any type of commercial photography and I will get back to you.



hull Commercial Photographer
hull Commercial Photographer