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Today I want to show some of my new photographs. I was contacted by the client called ‘Exigere’ based in London. They have a new office and are currently expending, they needed corporate headshot photography of all the staff (30 in total) and images of the team working in the new office. I started the day by setting up the studio equipment, lights, camera, tripod in a office room which is where all the headshot were to take place. It wasn’t easy because the room was small, and it took a little bit of time to find the best angle for the corporate headshots.

The walls in the office were white which is a big help to any photographer, I could bounce the flash heads off the walls which creates a soft light which has alot of coverage, spreading light over the subject and across the room. My camera setting for this are F11, 1/125th sec, 100 ISO. Once all the photography equipment was setup I asked the staff to come in the office room a few at a time, this is so they can have a laugh with each other and take away some of the tension that people can have when they are asked to pose for a photographer. This process did take a long time because the staff do have a job to do and couldn’t be there the minute I was free.

Once all the staff had successfully had there corporate headshots taken care of I would use a telephoto lens to sit back and what the staff working at there desks, taking photographs of them from time to time. Again I was able to bounce lights off the walls, this photography commission was a long day, 8am until 6pm. The clients appreciate the hard work and are very happy with the results. The new website that has been built for them combined with the photography has really improved the look of there business. Exigere are happy which makes me happy.

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