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Phillip Pilkington Photography is a commercial photographer based in Whitefied. Working across Greater Manchester, including Bolton and Salford. With over 12 years experience in the photography industry, Phillip specialises in studio and location photography for small and large businesses needs.
We do professional commercial photography for a number of different clients, including small and large businesses, restaurants, small and large businesses, graphic designers and web designers. Do you need photos of your products or your business services? We are able to offer services to cater to different budgets.
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We exist to improve the look of your business

Providing high level Photography to Manchester, Bury, Bolton and surrounding areas

Package 1

3 hour Photo-shoot with 3 hours of high level post-production 
Costs  £299

Package 2

4 hour Photo-shoot with 4 hours of high level post-production 
Costs  £399

Package 3

8 hour Photo-shoot with 8 hours of high level post-production 
Costs  £699
If your shoot does not fit in with one of your pages we use an hourly rate to show customers clearly how much high quality photography costs.
£100 per hour for the photo-shoot
£35 per hour for post-production work.
Each hour of photography needs two hours of post-production to achieve a quality level of service, for the highest quality imagery this would increase the post-production time. Please call or email for details. Any expenses will also be added to the costs, this could be travel costs, hotel costs, props, location hiring, etc.
3 hour photography shoot £300
Quality level (stage 1) post-production, 3 hours £105
Total £405
Quality level (stage 2) post-production, 6 hours £210
Total £510
The amount of time needed on a shoot is dependent on the type of photography required and the set-up changes needed, and on the number of final images required. Please call or email for a quote.
All of the photography services comes with 3 media usage agreements with no time limit, this means you can use the photography images on all your social media and on your website and on your leaflets for as long as you like, other media uses could be in magazines, TV, billboards, etc. If you need more than 3 media uses for you image needs then please ask and will will be happy to talk about your options.
Copyright always remains with the photographer unless there has been an agreement made for the clients to buy the copyright of the images.