food photographers bolton

Hello again,

One of my recent shoots was a food photography shoot in Bolton and I thought I would share some images on my photography blog.

I shot a variety of images on the day but the ones I am showing now are salad images with props to help the look for a Russell Hobbs brand shoot for their website and social media channels. The main image I am showing is the birds eye view look which is very popular over the recent years in food photography. This image works very well with that type of angle, I have said it before on my blog but the high end look from a shoot like this is helped by using a food stylist.

I have used daylight from the windows by shooting at a longish shutter speed, 1 second exposure. I also used flash as a fill in light from the lower side of the frame. I shot at an aperture of F/11, this is because it one of the sharpest settings from my lens, I normally will try to use a lower ISO number to increase quality, higher ISO numbers light ISO 800 would introduce some digital grain. Especially on the camera I used which is the Canon 5DS R. The camera does work well for food shoots like this, it is almost a studio camera but can be used elsewhere but really needs either a lot of light or a tripod. I used a Tamron 24-70mm F2.8 lens, I shot at 70mm to reduce any distortion. The flash lighting I used is Elinchrom, this is because they are Professional level lighting equipment and the costs are reasonable.

My other image which is a close up image of the salad shows the closest point at which this Tamron 24-70mm lens can focus. It really isn’t a macro lens but it is a good lens with some versatility like what I have shown here. Again I used the lens at 70mm but this time the aperture is F/5.6, a common setting for food photography, it creates depth to the images and makes the viewer pay more attention to the areas in focus, the subject weare shooting is salad and that is where I want the viewers attention to be focused on.

Bokeh is the quality of out of focus areas, this lens has some nice bokeh considering it isn’t a prime lens, which area the best lenses to have nice bokeh.

I hope you like results from this food photography shoot in Bolton, if there is a photography topic you would like to hear about in my blog please let me know. Thanks for reading, Phill.