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I have seen an article on a photographer called ‘David Lund’, he is a specialist liquids photographer, a very good liquids photographer. He is letting people see the behind the scenes work on one of his advertising photography shoots and I thought it is something that the followers of this photography blog would like to see.
If you don’t want to read the whole article I will mention some of the things that interested me the most.
As soon as he saw what the Hasselblad cameras can do he bought into them costs $50,000.
He learned a lot from Karl Taylor, technical issues on how to shoot studio photography.
David uses retouching filters by Topaz labs, I have had a look myself and will be making a purchase.
His photography work uses extreme composite images (up to 90 images) built up in Photoshop, no surprises there.
It is a very interesting read and if you want to gain insight into high end advertising liquids photography it is worth a visit.
Article link: Topaz Labs
David Lund website:
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