product photographer bury

Hello again,

I am going to chat about the image that is on all of my photography marketing material. It’s an image of to wooden hands touching, it is made to be recognized for referencing a famous painting by Michelangelo ‘The Creation of Adam’. Its a post-modern technique which is to use concepts that are already well known and to re-use them, sometimes it looks like a straight copy and other times it looks like a clever reference which makes the viewer feel intelligent when they get the reference.

I took the image on a large format digital camera, I took several shots of the hands in different positions which were later imported into Photoshop. I cut out the wooden hands and dropped them into a graduated grey background. It was a simple image to produce but very effective, this image is more about the concept and aesthetics than anything else.

I wanted to show off my Photography skills but also to show that I can do more than just technical product photography but conceptual photography too. I have chosen to use the image in my marketing material as it symbolizes beings connecting to each other which is the reason why people want to use photography for business, it connects to the viewer, photography can reach out to an audience in a way other mediums can not. I hope you like to image and Phillip Pilkington’s commercial photography. If you do then please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.