ecommerce photographer manchester
This is my first blog post in a while, I have been busy shooting. A lot of the work I have been doing is for Amazon/Ecommerce retails, the images I am showing is for a company I have been working with based in Bolton. They selling high end radiators in many shapes, sizes, colours. 
I have been thinking about life after Covid 19, a lot more businesses are going to be changing their business strategy and aiming more for online/ecoomerce sales as a reaction to the impact Covid 19 is having on all businesses. A service like my product photography can help businesses to create the content they need for this shift in business strategy and I am able to help out. 
I have also been shoot roomset photography for this radiator client and I will be posting about that in a future blog post. If you are looking for an ecommerce photographer in the Manchester area I am happy to talk about your image needs.