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I have worked on many food photography shoots and I don’t get to do as many drinks photography shoots when comparing it to the other types of photography I work on. But I have some drinks images here to show you. The first image is of what is wonderfully named ‘Mocktail’, it is a healthy alternative to the cocktails which normally are alcohol based. This drink is much like a normal strawberry fruit smoothie with added nuts which have been blended using a food blender, Russell Hobbs blender as this is reason for this shoot.

Often when doing photoshoots for clients they have to be planned in advance, which is why here we have a summer themed shoot shot in winter, and the opposite also happens regularly too. It can be a challenge depending on the type of photoshoot but when shooting in a studio there is a lot of control for the photographer to create the ideal image. This image is simple but effective, the main aspect to think about the the styling which is taken care of by the stylist James for this shoot.

The other image of of a more traditional cocktail drink, bars are always looking to do something different with there cocktails to grab peoples attention. Using a watermelon as the cup is a novel approach to cocktail making, this also has the summer theme but with more of a beach vibe. In each the colours from the natural fruits are what stand out. One thing I also look for is the textures which can really be seen with some studio lighting skills.

I have used some post-production techniques in Photoshop to help achieve this look, a small boost in colour saturation, cutting out each item and checking the histogram levels. plus lots more little secret bits and bobs to get a finished professional look.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if there is a subject matter you wish to have featured please let me know.

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cocktail photography manchester
cocktail photography manchester