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Hello again,

I am showing some images that I created this week. These product images are from a shoot for Remington electrical company, these products are part of a series of hair care products called ‘Silk’. The black material has a unique silky effect which has it’s appeal and differs from other hair care products. The idea was to show these two products together as they are being offered as a double package. The main image is a normal product image with some quality studio lighting skills to make the products look premium and glossy.

When photographing these I shot them upside down to hang them from a fishing wire. All images I create are cut out using Photoshop and other editing to polish the products are also done using Photoshop. The other image with these two products shows them in a location setting using a table dresser as the main prop, this was also shot in a photography studio. Often is is a good idea to shoot studio images and location images on the same day if you have the ability to, these images will be used in e-commerce websites and for other online marketing needs. With Remington using these images they will also be used around Europe and other countries could also use them like USA and Australia, the brand has a lot of impact worldwide and they also share their assets.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks photography blog update.


northwest still life photographer
northwest still life photographer