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I have worked on these still life images recently in Manchester and I want to show them on my photography blog. There’s not many specialist still life photographers in Manchester which is good for me. It is a specialism that not many photographers have mastered, these images are of the electronics company Russell Hobbs. It’s one of their toasters which is obviously red. The material is glossy which makes for an appealing look with the right studio lighting. This toaster has an accessory which can be seen in the photography below, it’s called a ‘bun warmer’, it comes with nearly all toasters that are sold in Europe but not in the UK. It is used to warm buns and croissants, most people who see these want them in the UK too.

Glossy and shiny products are a technical challenge but when your a photographer with lots of experience then it isn’t much of an issue. I used a photography technique called ‘focus stacking’, this is where the photographer focuses on the front part of the subject, then takes several shots focusing in different areas of the product to build up a very sharp still life image.

This image is being used for the front of the packaging which means it needs to be a high quality product image. Once I have worked on the post-production side of this still life shoot the final results speak for themselves.

The camera used was a Canon 5DS R, Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 lens, Elinchrom flash studio lighting.

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electronics photographer northwest